4 Benefits of Heavy Haulage Solutions for Your Business

4 Benefits of Heavy Haulage Solutions for Your Business

If your business is involved in the transport of large or heavy freight – whether that’s construction material, industrial machinery or any other – heavy haulage is a non-negotiable requirement. New Zealand businesses benefit greatly from the efficiency and adaptability offered by heavy haulage providers like Smith Transport, because we help to keep goods and profit flowing throughout the country!

Find out more about the benefits, below:

1. Efficient Transport of Oversized or Heavy Cargo

The first benefit of heavy haulage solutions for your business is how efficient they are! They are specifically designed to transport heavy cargo that is otherwise unable to be accommodated by the standard vans or trucks. Specialised vehicles suited to your exact requirements can be supplied, streamlining the transportation process. This avoids the struggle of trying to fit your freight into an incompatible vehicle, which wastes time and money. 

2. More Cost-Effective than Standard Transportation

There’s no way around it – in the long-term, handling your own transportation can become so costly over time. Although heavy haulage solutions are more expensive upfront, they save you money by transporting bulkier items in a single trip – avoiding the need for time-consuming and repeated shipments! This is also a price that tends to involve all additional expenses such as labour, fuel and maintenance. 

The most overlooked benefit of heavy haulage solutions is also the optimised logistics involved. At Smith Transport, we optimise our transportation routes across Auckland and wider New Zealand to minimise travel time and fuel consumption, which saves our customers money!

3. Enhanced Safety and Compliance

Heavy haulage solutions often provide your business with enhanced safety and compliance. They understand exactly how to implement the strict safety regulations demanded by the New Zealand government. Industry standards will also be adhered to, which guarantees the safe and efficient transport of oversized and heavy cargo. Juggling all of these expectations yourself can be overwhelming, and detract from the day-to-day running of your business.

4. Meeting Unique Transportation Needs

When handling your own heavy haulage, you can feel constrained by the vehicles, equipment and drivers at your disposal. A dedicated heavy haulage provider offers the flexibility and customisation required to accommodate a range of haulage needs, particularly those beyond the scope of your business. All businesses have to do is provide their specific load requirements – size, weight, dimensions and delivery deadlines included – and a good haulage company will offer you bespoke solutions outright.

Smith Transport are the go-to provider for heavy haulage in Auckland. As a company, we pride ourselves on being big enough to do any job, but small enough to care. Even the most large-scale corporations can benefit from our heavy haulage solutions. Contact for more information about our haulage services, today.