Types of Freight Lines: From Trucking to Rail and Beyond

Types of Freight Lines: From Trucking to Rail and Beyond

New Zealand is geographically unique, with North and South islands, and a great swathe of water separating New Zealand from the rest of the world. This means that, when it comes to haulage and shifting goods from one place to the other, freight lines can get a little complicated. Fortunately, there are a few types of freight lines that are standard to know about, which we at Smith Transport – a freight specialist – have outlined here. 


Trucking is the type of freight line that everyone knows about! A lot of goods transportation occurs through New Zealand’s roads, which is a versatile and adaptable method of freight transport. For example, haulage specialists can implement a range of trucks of various sizes in their services, and tailor them to short-haul, long-haul and awkward or oversized requirements as a result. 


KiwiRail, New Zealand’s state-owned rail company, is responsible for an extensive rail network that facilitates the transportation of bulk cargo – like agricultural products, or even heavy logs – from one end of New Zealand to another. Without doubt, rail freight is just as necessary as it was a hundred years ago, in the absence of trucking solutions. 


Airports like Auckland International are absolutely essential for exporting goods abroad, particularly goods of a high-value or time-sensitive nature. Nothing’s faster than air freight! As a result, airports become essential freight lines and hubs for air cargo, allowing New Zealand to connect with its international counterparts. 


The final type of freight line discussed in this article is highly relevant to New Zealand. Interislander freight keeps the two halves of New Zealand connected and in communication, and refers to the ‘Interislander’ ferry service operated by KiwiRail. Without the Interislander freight service, hauling products across New Zealand’s Cook Strait would be an impossible task, and create a complicated supply chain between the two islands. 

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